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The Queen of Fibers

Silk is considered the queen of natural fibers of animal origin, privilege granted by the antiquity of its use and the mystery and legend that has surrounded for centuries the silkworm who produces it. Made of 100% natural fiber, Silk has many properties, including the substance of viscous consistency formed by the protein called sericin, very compatible with human skin. Silk has the following characteristics:

1. Bright
2. Fine
3. Soft
4. Because of its continuity and resistance does not release impurities, so it take scare of airways.
4. Do not burn
5. It is elastic
6. Retains water
7. unharmful dyes are used
9. Repeal mites
10. Antiallergic
11. It thermic: In the cold it shelters, in the heat it cools
12. Its production process is compatible with the environment.

The Farms from the associated producers of CORSEDA are CERTIFIED IN ORGANIC PRODUCTION of cocoons, as well their transformation and weaving workshops.


¿Why organic?

Garments treated with chemicals during its cultivation, dying, or manipulation may contain substances that cause allergic skin reactions.

On the other hand, studies have shown that procedures that these garments are submitted are responsible for some diseases.

Cotton for example receives annually worldwide at least 25% of all pesticides and consume large amounts of water.

Consumers can contribute greatly to protecting the environment and developing greener solidarity, such as buying and using organic clothing.

Given the above, there is no better than during the first years of life, our children can benefit from all these advantages.

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¿Because our products are unique?

“Quality seal Icontec – HANDMADE”

Both the production and processing of silk cocoon thread, such as the development of fabrics are processes developed completely by hand. In this work, in which all family members participate, small and big hands, very soft or tanned by the sun, have to do with the development of each fabric.

“Raw material of the highest quality”

Fabrics made from 100% natural silk. Breeding silkworms in the department of Cauca is developed by, framers, who with great love and dedication produce cocoons of excellent quality, which is reflected in the thread and elaborate garments.

“Using traditional techniques”

Weaving is done by skilled craftsmen. They master this art because of their many years of experience in handling fabrics, cultural heritage of their indigenous ancestors, who years ago mixed with the knowledge that came to Colombia from countries of the Far East such as China, Korea, and Japan, where the culture of silk is millenary.

“Friends of the Environment”

Each step in the process regard the environment and none of its production steps use products that can damage or alter it. For this reason, now, the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cauca CRC , the agency in the region that accompany and regulate production processes aimed to green marketsm support our efforts.