Hands weaving

Hands Weaving

Each garment brings the Story of a Woman Tejedora


Natives from Cauca, in southern Colombia, tell the story of their origin. YU’USXA the goddess born from water taught them the art of weaving. Even today, for indigenous women in the region, this is the first lesson to be learned. When they spin and weave, they are weaving their life.

These are the weavers of dreams from Cauca, more than 20 artisans who make clothes with love and incorporated into each of them the story of their lives.

An artisan can take from one to one day to three days making a garment for you with shapes and colors that may never be able to repeat. (Need to tell you more about craftswomen)

Corseda y origen de la seda

Elvira Gómez “Elvirita” is one of the most outstanding artisans in the history of Corseda. Her ability to weave and charisma have made her the representative of the craftswomen in Cauca in different national and international events. She has been a special guest at fairs in the Canary Islands (Spain) and the Craft Fair (Bolivia). For 20 consecutive years, she has participated in the Expoartesanías Fair of Bogota and Artisan Exhibition “Golden Hands” of Popayan. She has been highlighted as an advertising image Gef, Female Cafam in 2002 and active leader in the sericulture process in the Department of Cauca,; activity which is dedicated since 1982.

In the Silk Road route; Dona Elvira shares her experiences and achievements that undoubtedly are an example of leadership and entrepreneurship. 

!Come live the Silk Road and meet Elvirita!