You do not take only a garment ... You take A History

CORSEDA is a brand dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of Exclusive wear garments made in 100% silk. Material that has great therapeutic and cosmetic attributes.

Our products are directed to a Unisex public. Although most of the clothing is designed by women who want to look their own style, identified with environmental protection, and aware of their social responsibility, it contributes to families´ welfare that dedicate to the art of sericulture.

Here you find various product lines such as scarves, ponchos, ruanas, pashminas and accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins).

With your shopping, these families dreams´ fly high.

The multiplicity of shapes, textures, and others, is the result of ethnic and cultural diversity of families that make Corseda :. Blacks, whites, mestizos, Indians of Paez and Guambiana ethnic groups who work together for one common purpose: To improve the living standards of their families and offer the world a product that sums up different perceptions about the environment and the life itself, is inimitable.