Origin of Caucan Silk

origen de seda caucana

The Corporation for the Development of Sericulture of Cauca “CORSEDA, is an organization made up of about 200 families producers of cocoon and silk crafts in the department of Cauca, Colombia South America, which seeks to improve the standard of living of Caucan families dedicated to the art of silk by strengthening the activity, from the worm breeding to marketing of the fabrics in national and international markets.

Today it is the only company worldwide that offers products made in silk CERTIFIED ORGANIC.


Silk a dying art world

Silk in Colombia appeared in…

Each fabric is the product of rich craftsmanship techniques of breeding silkworm and processing thread, which were brought to Colombia by teachers in this art coming from China and Korea.  This weaving knowledge mixed with the ancient technique from the natives of Cauca resulting in pieces of thread with a particular type, color, texture, and overall design unique among silk products around the world.

Our clothes come from a process of transformation that develop two protagonists of Colombian life.



They are mostly men engaged in morera plant cultivation and worm breeding ….

Corseda y origen de la seda


They are mostly single mothers and are responsible for the entire process of transformation of the silk cocoon, yarn production, the dyeing, and finally, weaving with different techniques such as wit horizontal and vertical looms, needles, and frame tiptoes.


In the event, “Indigenous Women Weavers in Latin America “organized in 1999 by UNESCO in Paris and sponsored by Artesanias of Colombia, where a silk artisan exemplarily represented Colombia.

In the contest, ” Window to the Future “organized by PROMER, with the support of IFAD, IICA and the Chilean government, CORSEDA was chosen as one of eleven (11) Latin American microenterprises with more economic and social projection, which gave it the right to participate in the First International Meeting of the Rural Microenterprise in Latin America and the Caribbean “Expomundo RURAL” held in Santiago de Chile from 04 to 09 December 2001. In 2003, CORSEDA was again invited to participate in this event which will take place between 3 and 10 December of that year.

Award for “successful economic projects led by women, 2002” Network of Popular Education among Women REPEM

Participated as speaker in the workshop “Rural Microenterprise experiences” emphasizing on gender in IFAD projects” Panama December 2002.


In 2002, after winning the “Golden Hands “, organized by the Permanent Board Pro Holy Week of Popayan, CORSEDA was selected to represent Colombia in the International Crafts Fair, held in Mexico City from 20 to 24 November 2002, which in turn gave the opportunity to win the world UNESCO award for excellence in craftsmanship in the same year. The call was made by the National Fund for the Promotion of Crafts FONART, organization attached to UNESCO. In Mexico City, CORSEDA was deserving of an honorable mention to the quality of their products, with the work of weaving “Sunset del Cauca”.

Mrs. Elvira Gómez, honorary member of the Corporation, was selected WOMAN CAFAM, for her leadership and perseverance in the silk activity. 2002

Participation in the Fair of Milano 2003, Italy, in the MICROITALIA -PROMER program.

“PORAFOLIO EMPREARIAL Prize Category:” Contribution to the Community “. 2004.
Honorable Mention in BUSINESS PORTFOLIO. 2006. Category “Innovation”. Recognition for being the first company worldwide to offer to the market an organic line made with certified organic silk.

2007 Participation in the “Fair Sana in Bologna” ALTROMERCATO invitation done by Italy in the exchange project between Micro Rural Enterprises (MER) and organizations Trennto Province. They selected 6 companies at the Latin America level that meets requirements as organic products and fair trade.

Participation in the First Fair Andean Micro and Small Enterprises held in Alto, La Paz Bolivia, organized by the Andean Community of Nations, 2008. Selected by the Ministry of Agriculture of Colombia to represent the country in this event.