Silk Route

Silk Route

There is a path of colors and textures waiting for you

The Silk Road is designed for our visitors to discover the wonderful process of artisanal, organic and ecological silk in Cauca that ranges from mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing and the processing of yarns and fabrics.

You’ll live this experience closely, share with the families of the silkworm producers and craftswomen and can do with them your own clothes.

We offer special tours geared to tour groups, organizations, colleges, and universities.

Finished products

Tourists and visitors can buy beautiful handmade fabrics produced by families associated with Corseda, in different and innovative collections and lines.

In the Silk Road route you can meet MRS Elvira, who shares her experiences and achievements that undoubtedly are an example of leadership and entrepreneurship.

According to the specific interests of our visitors, we offer packages with emphasis on:

–  Area of natural science: biological cycle of the silkworm
–  Area textiles and related design area: Fiber Features and craftsmanship
–  Organizational Strengthening: Diversification Strategies to access specialized markets; quality control at various stages of production, organic and organic production as a lifestyle, revolving fund, boards, etc.